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9 Reasons To Outsource your IT Support

Outsourcing Web Hosting Support: 6 Reasons Why It Makes Sense

Most IT service providers begin by providing IT support themselves or with a few key employees when they begin from home or office wherever they may be. Soon though, they outgrow that model and that is the time they have to take the call of either setting up IT support in-house with employees working 24×7 or finding a good partner to outsource IT support needs to.

IT service providers have to consider several aspects carefully before implementing IT support in-house. A significant amount of time, money and effort has to be invested, without compromising on the focus on the core business of selling IT services. Limitations in terms of money and space are major roadblocks for in house IT support, so it isn’t a practical choice for most of the IT service providers. In this article we’ll shed light on 7 of the most obvious reasons why it makes sense to outsource.

Outsourcing IT Support: 9 Reasons Why It Makes Sense

1. Staying focused on core business: This is possibly one of the biggest advantages of outsourcing support. The business owners no longer have to concern themselves over hiring the right technical staff and monitoring their performance. This saves them a lot of valuable time and energy which can be directed towards developing the core business.

2. Ability to offer real 24×7 support to your customers: The IT business thrives on reputation. The importance of offering 24×7 support to the clients cannot be over emphasized. Responding to client’s queries promptly is crucial for maintaining and enhancing the company’s reputation and gaining more clients.

3. Access to experienced and qualified technical staff and business best practices: For IT service providers it isn’t always possible to find qualified technical staff for their support requirements. Moreover, hiring experienced staff isn’t cheap and can take a serious toll on the company’s finances. Outsourced IT support companies like have experienced technical staff and the know-how of the business best practices to ensure that your clients receive excellent IT support round the clock.

4. Built in business continuity in this model leads to reduced risk: An overseas Outsourcing partner means an automatic redundancy for your offices. In the case of natural disasters or even power or connectivity failure at your principal office location, your outsourcing partner remains online and available to your clients. This by itself can be a huge USP for any IT company outsourcing support.

5. Increased efficiency and competitiveness with reduced cost of customer support: Organizations that have in-house support teams have to spend more time in implementation, which leads to increased costs, this cost is ultimately passed on to the customers. This can be overcome by outsourcing support, which will lead to reduced costs and give businesses an edge over the competition.

6. Ability to upscale and down scale your support team as required: Handing over your IT support to an outsourcer will empower you with the flexibility to upscale or downscale your support team as per your requirements, this is a big advantage as you can quickly adapt to a sudden surge or decline in demand. Whereas in the case of an in-house team, you don’t have such flexibility and training cycles etc. can be a major source of problem.

7. Multilingual Support Option leading to greater geographical reach for finding customers: Often your outsourced support service provider has the ability to offer support in more than one language which then enables the IT companies to go out and seek customers in multiple geographical locations with different language preferences.

8. Holiday Coverage and Backups: Holiday Season is a tough time for IT service providers. It is hard to find someone to man support when the regular people take off. Also, last minute leaves, sickness and other such absenteeism is almost impossible to cover because there are no backups or pool of other employees who can called upon to fill in. The same is true for weekends when it is hard to manage the support with thin to no staffing at all.

9. Attrition and Cost of recruitment and retraining: If you have small support teams ranging in size from 1 to 25 people. In this case, when even 1 employee walks away, it leaves a very large hole that need to be filled quickly. It’s hard to find good people willing to work different shifts and be available 365 days a year. If you do get lucky and find one, there is still the long arduous cycle of training. The cost of training 1 person is often the same as training 20. Therefore, when you are training in small batches of 1 or 2 or even 3, you are incurring a very high cost per person.

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