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SSL Installation on Windows Server

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The steps to install SSL on windows server are as follows:

  1. Login to windows server where you want to install SSL

  2. Save your certificate and key as 2 separate files on the desktop of windows server where you want to install SSL.

  3. Now open in the browser

  4. Select Type To Convert To : PFX/PKCS#12

  5. Select “Type of Current Certificate “ to : Standard PEM

  6. Now attach your certificate file saved in the step 2. At “Certificate File to Convert” and key file saved in the step 2 at “Private Key File”

  7. Set PFX Password

  8. Click on “Convert Certificate”

  9. Save the certificate downloaded in PFX format

  10. Go to IIS >> Server Certificates

  11. Click on Import

  12. Attached pfx file generated in step 9 in below window and password must be :mypassword

  13. Click on Ok

  14. That’s it! SSL installed Successfully

  15. Now next job is assign it to the website from IIS >> Website name >> Bindings

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