8 reasons why Aress Support is the right partner for you

There are many reasons why Aress Support is the right partner for your customer support needs. Here are the top 8-

1. 24x7x365 Support – All our services can be utilized 24x7x365. However, if you wish to have coverage for only limited hours, we are happy to organize that too.

2. White Label Support – All our support is white labelled and so we use your support infrastructure (Helpdesk Support and Live Chat) to provide support to your customers and for all practical purposes become an extension of your teams and act with all the loyalty of your employed staff.

3. Multi-Channel Support – We can provide support using all the major support channels – Helpdesks/Email, Live Chat, Phones and Social media.

4. High Employee Retention – Our high employee retention rates are unique in the support industry. Therefore, when you contract us, you don’t see the usual outsourcing issues of constant retraining on account of high attrition that most support companies have.

5. Experienced Player – We bring over 15 years of experience to the table. With the experience comes many of the support industry’s best practices that we have seen over the years.

6. Cost Effective – We bring tremendous cost savings to your company. Our ROI is high and usually visible right from the very first month of our services

7. US/UK based Account Management – We have senior Account Managers in USA and UK. This means you have access to senior management people in your time zones. Our Account Managers will regularly visit you and work with you through the challenges of outsourcing bringing their experience to the fore.

8. Quality and Security – We pride ourselves in the quality of the service we offer. Our online audit teams will strive to help better the service levels right from its inception. We are also aware of the security and privacy needs of your business and our ISO 27001 displays our commitment to that.

Please call our business development representative:

Alan Acton +44 (0) 7828 929 032 for more information or email us at ( to for more information on how we can partner you in fulfilling your customer and tech support needs.

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